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for Easy, Fast Weight Loss
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You’re in the right place if you really want to get slim, but have struggled to lose weight.

Correctly using the power of your subconscious mind WILL cause you to become slim.

Be at home, on the phone/computer/ipod feeling relaxed as you re-program your subconscious mind with
SleepSlim Ex
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Tricia burned off 37 pounds over many months, automatically.
  1. It’s Easy!
  2. You Can Do It!
  3. It Works!

Here’s what a few clients have said:

“I am looking forward to more hypnosis.  It calms my entire week and makes me feel committed to continuing my efforts. Thanks again for your support...and for a brilliant hypnosis program.”
-Sherie, California
“I dropped 62 lbs. working with SleepSlim and directly with John over the phone.”
“I can’t thank you enough for having faith in me, John, and getting me started.”
- Linda Lee (60 something) - East Coast
“...anyone who wants to lose weight or improve their life, John Farley is the therapist to see. I am so excited to have begun this journey with John...Just do it!”
- Helen Sharron Pollard - East Coast (Burned off 4 lbs. in one week)
"I know it is not even a month...but I weighed myself today and I released 8 pounds...WOW!...Better yet, I am not hungry, not deprived and not punishing myself. I don't know how many times I have said it, but THANKS!!"
- Pankaj - California
"I've lost 18 pounds. [The program] gave me the motivation to say, 'let's get started!'"
- James Martin - California
The Late Fitness Legend, Jack Lalanne, said...

"If you want to look better, if you want to feel better, do stay tuned to my good friend John Farley!"
ABC's View From The Bay - Christian Spencer, says...

"John Farley's here. Hypnosis is real."
What is it? 

SleepSlim Ex is an 8 session, hypnosis tele-seminar system with me, John Farley, Jr. certified hypnotist and weight loss specialist.  SleepSlim Ex gives you the weight loss breakthrough you’ve been waiting for because it goes to the root of the problem.

Why does it work?

SleepSlim Ex works because not only are you using the power of your subconscious mind to change your habits, you’re also being de-programmed from limiting beliefs and subconscious fears that are blocking you from success.  You’re being re-programmed to associate your core values to being slim and trim. This causes you to naturally make different food and physical activity choices the create slimness.

After many years of working with clients and studying at the finest universities in the world (Columbia and Harvard to name two) I use a three step system to cause you to succeed:
  1. Eliminate internal conflicts. Those who over-eat, binge eat, or emotionally eat are doing so for subconscious, out of control reasons. You're subconscious mind can change this quickly and easily. It's within your power once hypnotized to change your habits, beliefs, behaviors and results.
  2. Stress.  Most people today are very stressed out. Hypnosis is superb at relieving stress. You’ve feel fantastic at the end of every hypnosis session. By eliminating internal conflicts (see step 1) your most destructive stresses in life will disappear.  Hypnosis - that is, the state of trance - balances your nervous system. This gives you back control in your life.
  3. Motivation. Our unpublished clinical study demonstrated that motivation to achieve your goals was the most important psychological factor in weight loss for our study participants.
The key to being really motivated is to first and foremost eliminate internal conflicts.

Once I've helped you remove internal conflicts that cause you to sabotage yourself, I'll hypnotically condition your subconscious mind to associate being slim and fit with your most fundamental psychological and biological needs.

These include: Survival, safety and personal power (feelings of control) and more. This subconscious change will cause you to automatically and happily become slim and fit.

As an exercise physiology and personal fitness trainer of trainers and nutritional counselor, I know how the body responds to exercise and food. Your hypnotic suggestions are designed to be safe and effective from a psychological and a physiological perspective.

How will you participate?

After you enroll, you'll be given the access code to the hypnosis tele-seminars as they happen each week. You can listen anytime you want and you can re-listen as well.

You'll be given simple instructions on how to prepare for your hypnosis sessions. For example: Be reclined in a comfortable and quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Have a blanket in case you feel cool.

When does it start?

SleepSlim Ex starts the first week of EVERY month. Join now and get your hypnosis sessions.

You'll have 8 sessions. Twice per week. Sessions last approximately 40 minutes.

Who is this for?

Women and men who struggle with weight and/or overeating. Also, those who have difficulty controlling their calorie intake and their motivation for exercise.

If you've sabotaged your success in the past then you need this program. The SleepSlim Ex system is designed for those who have not been successful in the past and need a breakthrough.

What can I expect?

Expect to resolve the major internal conflict that has kept you from slimness. You'll feel more personal power - that is, in-charge of your life. You'll experience deep, healing relaxation. You'll burn body fat and know that you can and will become slim.

What is the investment?

Regularly 8 - 10 sessions with John is $1,495. With this special program, you're able to have all eight (8) SleepSlim Ex system sessions and the ability to repeat them anytime you want deep relaxation, motivation and inspiration: Discounted for only $397.

Regularly $1,495 Now Only! $397

Join our mailing list for on-going health and fitness tips and you'll receive the special discount code that takes $20 off your investment. Enroll, get the email with the code, enroll and save $20 and you're on your way.
Compared to personal fitness training or even a health club membership, psycho-therapy sessions, a week at a fat farm, or the latest, greatest supplement program, SleepSlim Ex is a real bargain designed to solve the deep issues generating the over-eating or the sedentary conditions.
SAMPLE - The Real Blockage to Your Successful Weight Reduction!
SAMPLE - Why hypnosis is the medical secret being kept from you!
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When you enroll now in SleepSlim Ex you'll be part of a select group who are using subconscious mind power to increase their health and burn off body fat.

SleepSlim Ex is a fraction of private hypnosis sessions, a tiny fraction of personal fitness training sessions, and a fraction of buying too many nutritional supplements.

Enroll Now! You owe it to yourself to get motivated, inspired AND end self-sabotage!
If you aren't satisfied after 6 months, I'll give you your money back. I know you'll benefit, but if I don't deliver, I'll give you your money back.

Your Friend,

John Farley, Jr., MA, PsyD

Certified Hypnotist, Fitness Professional
Author of Living Lean and the upcoming book,
The Satisfaction

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